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Professional corporate female voice actor

Why a British Female Voice Over (or Voice Actor) for corporate videos help to promote your business effectively


Bringing your brand to life and articulating what it stands for

A corporate video can help to build trust in your company. It can raise your profile and boost your business visibility. Professional voice over services (link) will articulate what you need to say and the way you need to say it in order to connect with your audience, and amplify the values you want to project, bringing your brand to life and creating another touchpoint for your brand experience. 



A window to your world

A quality corporate video lets potential customers provides a window into your world and tells your story, connecting people with people in a powerful way.  These days, when business is increasingly being conducted over the internet, there’s a tendency to feel removed from the process business business video can help to build a bridge,  so the relationship feels more personal. It can inspire confidence and trust, increasing their connection to your brand. 


A British female voice over, for instance, is often seen as trustworthy, soothing, compassionate, understanding, and non-threatening. Those qualities can make the hearer feel more comfortable listening and therefore instil trust. There are times however when a stronger, more strident and commanding approach will fit the bill and Maddie will listen to your brief and work with you to generate the tone and manner your job needs.

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